Non-invasive infant meningitis screening, diagnosis and monitoring

Kriba has developed a non-invasive and automatic transfontanellar cerebrospinal fluid white blood cell counter for newborns and infants meningitis screening and monitoring, to reduce negative lumbar punctures and democratize access to early detection around the world.
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Kriba generates impact on healthcare worldwide by accelerating non-invasive screening, diagnosis and monitoring of infant meningitis

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Meningitis suspicion is challenging due to unspecific signs of the infection, such as fever of an unknown source, especially in infants and newborns who are the most vunerable, and may exhibit minimal symptomatology.

History and physical examination alone are often insufficient to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of infant meningitis. Lumbar puncture, the current gold standard procedure for screening is invasive, can be difficult to perform and may carry some risk.
Neosonics© non-invasively counts white blood cells in cerebrospinal fluid below the infant fontanelle, offering a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to confirm or rule out suspicion of infant meningitis. In high-income countries with low incidence of the disease, Neosonics© reduces negative lumbar punctures to only positive cases, sparing most suspected patients from the invasive procedure.
Routine lumbar punctures for infant meningitis screening turn out negative in most cases, and results are frequently delayed due to contamination with blood.
In low-income settings with high meningitis burden and limited resources, Neosonics© will help reduce misdiagnosis, mortality, and morbidity rates. The device may present as the only alternative to provide timely intervention for infant meningitis screening and treatment monitoring.
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and accuracy

High sensitivity and specificity to accurately screen, diagnose and monitor, especially for patients with nonspecific clinical presentations.

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Single non-
expert user

No expertise required, less specialized professionals can perform screening, and measurements take less than a minute.

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It will save 40-60% of costs associated
to unnecessary lumbar punctures,
laboratory tests, antibiotics.


Because it is non-invasive, it can be used to perform frequent measurements to track cerebrospinal fluid white blood cell count evolution, to monitor the patient’s response


Portable device

Quick & easy to
use in 3 steps

Place Neosonics on the infant’s
fontanel, the head area where
bones are not yet closed
Push the button to get the
cerebrospinal fluid white
blood cell count


Detect abnormal cerebrospinal fluid
white blood cell count to immediatly
trigger medication or to follow-up
patient’s response to treatment

Accurate white
blood cell count
results in 30 sec.

Detect abnormal cerebrospinal fluid
white blood cell count to immediatly
trigger medication or to follow-up
patient’s response to treatment

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Kriba Newborn

Kriba Newborn

Introducing non-invasive infant meningitis screening, diagnosis, and monitoring.

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