EU-India Innocenter “Explore and Validate” programme

The EU-India Innocenter programme, an initiative supported by the European Union’s research and innovation framework programme Horizon 2020, prepares European startups to launch and expand their activities in India, supporting their market entry strategies and creating a solid local network, through in-person matchmaking with potential clients to foster strategic partnerships between India and Europe.

The programme is focused on enabling European start-ups to explore the Indian market, validate their offering, learn about sector-specific opportunities, regulations and best practices, and collaborate with key Indian stakeholders, through a series of courses, workshops and mentor guidance programmes on the know-hows of the Indian market.

After taking part in an introductory training programme in September 2022, that provided valuable tools and insights to increase international business strategy with a particular focus on the Indian market, we were selected in the 6th cohort (Feb. 27/2023 May 15/2023) of the “Explore and Validate” phase of the programme that consists of 10 weeks discovering and exploring the Indian market, and localizing offering to meet local needs.
Ultimately it is providing invaluable insights on how the Indian consumer/buyer thinks and operates, and on how to adapt our business model for India. During the course of the programme, the participants are given access to a trusted local network to validate our offer for the needs of this new market and work for pilots and first customers with the aim of building the pillars of an Indian market entry strategy. The programme will help us understand the stakeholders that are involved in the healthcare ecosystem and how to craft a value proposition that can actually resonate with the Indian market.

It’s a true opportunity to build with a vastly vibrant economy like India’s, to understand the specificity of needs, abilities and tools we need to expand our innovative solutions, with the aim to have global impact for a more sustainable healthcare.

About Innocenter EU-India:
The consortium is formed by 6 complementary companies with extensive experience and high credibility in programme development in Europe and abroad. The Indian representatives are Mantra Launchspace and 91springboard and the European partners are Civitta, German Entrepreneurship GmbH, DutchBasecamp and uGlobally. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101004815.
More information on their website: