Kriba’s Data Science team at WiDS Barcelona Biomedicine Conference 2023

Empowering Women in Data Science and Healthcare
The Women in Data Science (WiDS) Barcelona Biomedicine Conference recently returned for its second edition, drawing together leading experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from the realms of data science, healthcare, and technology. This event took place on the 11th of October at the Auditorium of the PRBB – Barcelona Biomedical Research Park.

The conference featured a dynamic and inspiring lineup of speakers and sessions, solidifying its reputation as a leading platform for women in data science to connect and form communities that foster inclusive data science. Paula Petrone, an Associate Research Professor and the Head of the Biomedical Data Science Team at ISGlobal, and a Scientific advisor at Kriba (formerly Newborn Solutions), also serves as a WiDS Ambassador and is one of the organizers of the event.

At Kriba, our research focus in collaboration with Paula Petrone, is dedicated to the development of advanced algorithms for screening, diagnosing, and monitoring meningitis in newborns. Leveraging non-invasive AI-based ultrasound technology and cutting-edge computer vision, we aim to provide swift and accurate diagnoses for this life-threatening condition, particularly in remote areas with limited access to medical expertise. Deep learning technology not only aids clinical decision-making but also alleviates the burden on healthcare professionals, potentially saving lives and democratizing healthcare.

Revolutionizing healthcare through machine learning and AI was a central theme of the conference. During the first session of the Women in Data Science Barcelona Biomedicine event, Beatrice Jobst, our Senior Data Scientist, shared her experiences with other female leaders in AI and image analysis in the medical imaging and diagnostics field.

The overwhelmingly positive reception of Beatrice’s presentation demonstrates the potential of the WiDS community, which is filled with individuals eager to make an impact.

The conference addressed the significance of gender-sensitive medicine and explored innovative approaches, such as using speech for mental health detection and fostering AI innovation in hospital settings. Additionally, it emphasized the importance of inclusivity and equal opportunities in science and business during a session on “Gender and Diversity.”

It concluded on a high note with the announcement of the Best Poster Award, which went to Andrea Cabero-Arnold and her colleagues from Clínic Barcelona hospital. The second prize was awarded to Hassan Sial from ISGlobal and Kriba’s data science team.

This conference plays a significant role in fostering a community, bringing together more than 140 participants in person. The online streaming channel also received over 400 views, highlighting the widespread interest and support for this important initiative.

In the picture (left to right): Paula Petrone (ISGlobal), Beatrice Jobst (Kriba), Hassan Sial (ISGlobal), Francesc Carandell (Kriba), Cristina Puche (Kriba) and Sara Guillén (Kriba) in a group picture at the PRBB.