Launch of the European research project Listen2future

This February inaugurates the official kick-off of the European research project “Listen2Future”. The aim of this programme is to bring the smallest micro-electro-mechanical sensors (“MEMS sensors”), into high volume production at globally competitive costs and make them available for a wide range of applications for industry and medicine.

Listen2Future is a KDT JU (Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking), a public-private partnership under Horizon Europe, for research, development, and innovation that funds projects to expand world-class expertise in key enabling technologies, essential for Europe’s competitive leadership in the era of the digital economy.
Led by Infineon Austria, a world-leading provider of semiconductor, Newborn Solutions is one of 27 partners from 7 countries, and coming from both science and industry (materials, semiconductors, electronics and medical technology, research and software development).

Our participation as member of the programme is to incorporate those highly integrated and cost-effective MEMS technologies in order to improve our affordability for widespread use of our solutions, for instance outside the hospital and in developing countries. The research results can help to globally achieve better screening and monitoring for serous fluid infections, with a major impact in developing countries.

Growing demand for MEMS-based acoustic transducers (microphones, ultrasonic transducers) in medical and industrial devices are creating a new high demand for miniaturized low power sensors. In combination with an intelligent signal processing system, algorithms and customized packaging, these technologies will be the key to achieve performant, low power consuming, miniaturized and cost-saving systems.

This will contribute to reinforcing the Union’s strategic autonomy in electronic components and systems to support future needs of vertical industries and the economy at large. The growth of both microphone market and Ultrasound sensing modules market should be predominantly covered with acoustic sensors made in Europe. The double transition of European Union toward digital and greener society there poses a high demand for reliable and secure data. Listen2Future’s integral acoustic sensor solutions responds to these needs and is mapping the acoustic senses and perceptions in this direction.