World Meningitis Day 2021, special online event

On the occasion of World Meningitis Day, celebrated April 24th, Kriba (former Newborn Solutions) sponsored and participated in the online event #ArribaLaVida2021 organized by the Spanish Association against Meningitis (-AEM- member of the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations -CoMO-). The event brought together prestigious healthcare professionals that addressed prevention measures, detection techniques, and global strategies to end meningitis. Newborn Solutions was honored to be one of the participants and to present our activity to the global public.

Watch Javier Jiménez’s intervention here: (in Spanish)

The role of associations such as AEM is essential to reach both public institutions and civil society. Newborn Solutions fully supports the Spanish Association against Meningitis because it stands out for its work in prevention, like laboring to include the meningitis B vaccine in every of Spanish autonomous community’s vaccine calendar, as well as raising awareness on the gravity of the long-term physical damages caused by the disease. The AEM shares the goals and the global roadmap of the World Heath Organisation to defeat meningitis by 2030.

Learn more about the Spanish Association against Meningitis here

Read the WHO’s Roadmap to defeat Meningitis