Prize for Best Presentation at the 70th Spanish Paediatrics Association Congress

Exciting closing ceremony of the 70th Spanish Paediatrics Association (AEP) Congress with the award of the prize for the best presentation to Sara Ajanovic.

Sara Ajanovic, MD, paediatrician, Medical Officer at Kriba, doctoral candidate and medical research fellow at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), presented the Neosonics® proof-of-concept study in Spain, Mozambique and Morocco.

The effort behind the clinical research to validate Neosonics® and improve the lives of patients is the result of years of collective work.
Meningitis is a potentially lethal disease, especially in neonates and infants, who are the most vulnerable and may show non-specific symptoms. Our research addresses the need to reduce the large global inequity in screening for meningitis in infants, and seeks to make non-invasive, automated screening accessible to everyone around the world.

All of us in the Kriba team are particularly excited to receive this recognition, and it comes on top of the award for the best communication at the 9th Spanish Ocular Inflammation Society (SEIOC) Congress last November, for the results of the proof of concept for Neosonics® in its application for anterior uveitis screening.

The fact that the results presented have been awarded a prize is a testimony not only to the interest shown by the scientific community, but also to the impact that Neosonics® will have on all the different applications under development.