Innovation is
about people


We are a dedicated group of people striving to enhance global health through innovative technological solutions that will have a significant impact on healthcare worldwide. Our mission is to develop non-invasive medical devices and software, specifically designed for the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of serous fluid infections.

Team lab life

We are a dynamic and diverse group of highly qualified individuals hailing from different parts of the world. Based in the Barcelona Science Park, our team is impact-driven and innovation-focused and dedicated to conducting R&D that positively impacts global health.
We advocate for an inclusive society that upholds gender equality, work-life balance, and the use of inclusive language. Our motivation stems from the intention of contributing positively to society, and we are committed to promoting social inclusion.
We are honored to count on exceptional clinical, scientific and business advisors with whom we collaborate towards a common purpose. Engagement with patients and healthcare professionals is our priority. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our activity.


Clinical &
Scientific Advisors

We count on the collaboration of renowned experts in the clinical and scientific field.

Business Advisors

We partner with distinguished medtech business professionals that helps us move forward.

Patient Advocacy

Our alliances boost impact.
Elena Moya Asociación Española contra la Meningitis

Elena Moya

Spanish Association Against Meningitis