Cristina Calvo

Clinical Advisor


Kriba Clinical Advisor Infectious Diseases KOL Spain

Head of Section at the Paediatric, Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit in the University Hospital La Paz, Dr. Cristina Calvo is a fundamental key as a clinical advisor for the development of the Neosonics device for infant meningitis.

Cristina coordinates her clinical work with extensive research in the field of viral infections. She leads a research group for infectious diseases and immunity in pediatrics with Fundación IdiPaz and is an active member of Asociación Española de Pediatría ( Spanish Pediatrics Association) and Sociedad Española de Infectología Pediátrica (Spanish Pediatric Infectology Society). She is also an external expert for the Spanish Medicines and Sanitary Products Agency Agencia Española del Medicamento y Productos Sanitarios). On a European scale, she participates in research projects as a member of the steering committee of the European Pediatric Traslational Research Infrastructure.

She has published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles, many of them in high impact journals and is a frequent collaborator in many documents and national guides for pediatric infectious diseases management.