Fabiao Santos

R&D Materials Lead

PhD, MSc

Fabião is our R&D Materials Lead and is responsible for the in-house optimization, characterization, and production of hydrogels consumables. He participates in the design of equipment for mass production of consumable as well as the design and production of phantoms to validate target applications in vitro. He will be involved designing echographic phantoms to be used with standard equipment in hospitals for training.

After obtaining a Bachelor Degree with “The Best Student of the Degree Award”, in Biochemistry at Madeira University, Portugal, and concluding a Master Degree in the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology at The University of Tokyo, Japan, Fabião concluded a PhD program at the Material Science Institute of Barcelona, ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona Spain in Functional Advanced Materials, developing Natural and Synthetic Hydrogels as Biomimetic Materials for Cancer Immunotherapies.

Driven by the desire to better preserve people’s health, Fabião is a great asset for our team and plays a key part in the development of our activities.