Javier Jimenez

Founder, CEO


Founder and CEO of Kriba (ex Newborn Solutions),
Javier brings a unique blend of expertise in Biomedical Engineering and Business Administration. With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and a strong background in Medical Imaging, Javier is the driving force behind the company’s achievements.

Javier’s remarkable journey began with his selection for a prestigious three-year program, M+Vision, funded by Madrid and hosted at the renowned MIT. It was during this time that he laid the foundation for Kriba (ex Newborn Solutions), driven by his passion for innovation in the healthcare industry. His dedication and groundbreaking work earned him the esteemed recognition of Spanish Innovator under 35 by MIT Technology Review Magazine
in 2016.

Throughout his career, Javier has garnered extensive experience across various industries, including computer technology (Fujitsu-Siemens), automotive (Kostal), communications, and space (Indra), in addition to
his expertise in biomedical imaging (High-Technology Institute and CRC Imaging Diagnostics). This diverse background has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of technology and business, making him an outstanding leader for Kriba.

As the CEO, Javier has led the startup to new heights by assembling a dynamic and diverse team, and fostering collaborations with national and international industrial partners, clinical institutions, and patients. Under his guidance, Kriba has successfully secured both public and private funding, further fueling its growth and innovative projects.

Thanks to Javier’s exceptional leadership and the team’s hard work, Newborn Solutions has received numerous awards from respected organizations such as Philips, Chiesi, Richi Foundation, ImagineIf!, MIT I-Corps, Fundación madri+d, Eureka E!nnoVest, TechTour, CDTI, and ACCIÓ. These recognitions are a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and its impactful contributions to the field of healthcare.