Manuel Navarrete

Software Engineer

Manuel’s journey with the Kriba team began during his predoctoral fellowship in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is currently a PhD candidate there, with his thesis titled “Embedded HPC Acceleration Techniques for Medical Platforms,” which showcases his commitment to advancing technology in the medical field.

Manuel’s educational background is equally notable, having graduated in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering from the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE) in 2015. Furthermore, he pursued postgraduate studies in the master’s program in Digital Systems, further perfecting his skills in this area.

Throughout his career, Manuel has gained valuable experience in the field of Embedded Software Engineering. He played a significant role at the Research and Development Telecommunications Institute (LACETEL), where he contributed to the design of digital systems for Digital Television modulators. Later, at COMBIOMED – Digital Medical Technology, he worked on developing innovative hardware/software systems for monitoring patient vital parameters, in his native La Havana, Cuba.

As a Software Engineer in Kriba’s team, Manuel is a driving force in firmware development and the creation of embedded systems. His distinct interest lies in designing both Hardware and Software modules, a passion that shines through in his exceptional work.