EIC Accelerator UE funding for innovation

European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator funding granted. An European Comission program that supports companies to bring their innovations to market and scale up. Highly competitive program where only the most innovative companies are selected (8.9% success rate).

BMGF funding for impact in global health

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) grant, together with ISGlobal, we achieved access to funding for carrying forward research to improve meningitis suspicion, screening, and diagnostic accuracy in infants younger than 24 months and with a permeable fontanelle in hospitals and peripheral health centers in low and middle-income countries.

EU consortium funding for innovation

Beneficiaries of Listen2future program, a KDT-JU European consortium. A European Commission public-private partnership for research, development, and innovation that funds projects for coordinated and competitive research and innovation activities (emerging components and systems technologies), by supporting the fast transfer of technologies.

EIT Health Catapult winner

EIT Health Catapult winner, 1st place in the med tech category. A prestigious and unique competition and training program for biotech, medtech and digital health start-ups to leading experts and investors across Europe. EIT Health is EU initiative that support and impluses innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare across Europe.

H2020 European SME Instrument funding

H2020 European SME Instrument Phase 1 funding for innovation Extremely competitive EU grant access with an 8% funding rate. This milestone validates the relevancy and impact potential of the technology in the company’s vision for healthcare.

EIT Health Headstart Startup

EIT Health Headstart Startup fund and program for EU healthtech.  An incentive to accelerate our way to market and to access an invaluable network of hospitals, industrial partners and international investors. EIT Health is EU initiative that support and impulses innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare across Europe.

ACCIÓ Startup Capital Catalan public funding

Most prestigious Catalan grant given to technology-based startups. The financial support of the Catalan administration was a steppingstone for the stabilization of the company and resulted in an ongoing supporting relationship with ACCIÓ (Catalan agency for business competitivity) and the Catalan administration.

CDTI Spanish Public funding for innovation

CDTI´s Neotec grant is the most prestigious Spanish grant given to technology-based startups. It allowed Newborn Solutions (now Kriba) to continue to develop its technology, continue to expand, and invest in talent. The funding helped maintain the independence of the company, one of the pillars of the project.

Richi Foundation Boston program sponsored by Chiesi

Best presenting startup with Richi Social Entrepreneurs – Sponsored by Chiesi. Boston ecosystem immersion program led by the Richi Foundation. Having a large corporation like Chiesi pharmaceutical acknowledging our work at an early stage was a tremendous boost for the projection of the company.